The organizational structure of the company consists of six main directorates and is headed by a Board of Directors and CEO.

The company has adopted the policy of appointing qualified and experienced staff  to work as managers of directorates, as these experts can promote the system of work, activate institutionalism and assist the company to realize its goals.

Performance Management:

As for performance, Pharmanaas depends on a flux administrative system to monitor and measure sales performance by product line, sales personnel and various other metrics. The system is subject to continuous improvement and we constantly incorporate best practices to the administrative and financial aspects of the system to match the ever changing local market trend and government legislations


Timely & Accurate Delivery:

In order to fulfill customers’ needs at an appropriate speed and precision, pharmanaas is continuously developing and updating its IT infrastructure with a client database that is updated on daily basis with valuable information such as our own assessment of each client’s credit rating, etc.   An internal IT team focuses on improving our company computer network to better serve for Clients.


    Tower NO. 83, Alneleen Towers -Khartoum (2) – Khartoum- Sudan



    +249 155207207 – +249 183 498089

    For inquiries, Please contact during office hours, from Sunday to Thursday (8:30 AM till 04:00 PM +03 GMT)


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