Pharmanaas, is committed to the principles of quality in setting its strategic plans, ordering operational programs, setting policies, leading employees, training and developing staff, preparing a good environment for good practice and high efficiency with low cost and managing the technical and administrative processes using advanced methods and simple procedure that realize continuous advancement and development while preventing the occurrence of careless practice and assisting the practice of good and correct performance from the initial stage to the last one.

  • Pursue high quality technological solutions to fulfill our customers’ needs and meet their expectations.
  • Fulfillment of the patient’s needs for high-quality medications at a cost that would meets the patient’s budget.
  • Ensuring that policies of upper management are always congruent with international quality criteria.
  • Making sure that employees are always trained to use modern technology through the implementation of continuous training programs and adoption of advanced criteria to guarantee a high level of quality.


    Tower NO. 83, Alneleen Towers -Khartoum (2) – Khartoum- Sudan



    +249 155207207 – +249 183 498089

    For inquiries, Please contact during office hours, from Sunday to Thursday (8:30 AM till 04:00 PM +03 GMT)


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