Pharmanaas pays special attention to marketing and promotion in conjunction with its international partners, continuously surveying the markets to discover and fulfill customers’ needs. This is done through a group of qualified medical representatives. We predict upcoming variations in market trends and take the initiative to meet all the expectations of our doctors.


Pharmanaas enjoys a distribution coverage that serves all the states of Sudan. We have a direct presence with all NGOs as well as government establishments. There are many hospitals and pharmacies located in the capital, Khartoum. We mainly reach our clients directly, but for some regions, we enjoy using professional sub-distributors for a cost-effective operation.

Pharmanaas is certified in the following list of government and private tenders:

Regulatory Affairs

This department is concerned with initial registration, renewals, and clearance of all types of pharmaceutical and medical device products. It guides foreign manufacturers on all the processes of company, factory, and product registrations. It also caters to keeping foreign manufacturers updated on all the changes or modifications to local rules and regulations in regard to registrations, renewals, local pricing formulas, and so on. This department facilitates the link between these foreign companies and the health authorities responsible in Sudan.

Spacious Storage
Pharmanaas has spacious storage facilities that are equipped to maintain all types of medicines and medical devices according to their specific storage requirements as well as applying good distribution and storage practices (GDP) of pharmaceutical and medicinal products for human use, according to the requirements of WHO guidelines.

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