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Our main line of business is the importation and distribution of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

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Pharmanaas International Company Ltd. is a private company of limited responsibility that is registered under the Companies Act of 1925 in the Republic of Sudan and licensed by the health authorities, operating from Khartoum, the capital of Sudan.

Our main line of business is the importation and distribution of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Our Mission

Pharmanaas works to import and distribute high-quality products that assist specialists in the field of healthcare as well as patients in acquiring the best results.

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Pharmanaas pays special attention to marketing and promotion in conjunction with its international partners, continuously surveying the markets to discover and fulfill customers’ needs. This is done through a group of qualified medical representatives. We predict upcoming variations in market trends and take the initiative to meet all the expectations of our doctors.


Pharmanaas is committed to the principles of quality when setting its strategic plans, ordering operational programs, setting policies, leading employees, and training and developing staff. We put in extra care preparing a good environment to facilitate good practices and high efficiency with low cost while managing the technical and administrative processes using both advanced methods as well as simple procedure

CEO Message

Thank you for taking the time to visit Pharmanass’s website!

Pharmanaas International is part of the pharmaceutical health organization, which has given the private sector the appropriate space to play an active role and establish itself in the long run.

This company was built from the ground up and continued to grow steadily for eight years. Of course, as people, we are all proud of our strengths yet sometimes feel weak; however, the Pharmanaas team took the company’s message to heart and used that to overcome the hard times and reach the current stage, where the company has become a strong leader in the market.

The company is based on a management system that is well-thought-out and continuously developed and improved. It is capable of applying international standards in the administrative and technical fields as well as applying good distribution and storage practices (GDP) of pharmaceutical and medicinal products for human use, according to the requirements of WHO guidelines.

When selecting whom to hire, the company has pursued a policy of recruiting employees with the scientific and practical qualifications of the best managers and pharmacists to work on solid rules in the administrative and pharmaceutical fields. These highly qualified professionals are the ones who developed the current systems and led the company toward achieving its goals.

Pharmanaas supplies over 6,000 clients ranging from small-to-medium-sized and large-scale medical institutions spanning across both private and public sectors.

Finally, we always strive for the most efficient use of our resources and the removal of institutional and administrative waste. We employ creative initiatives to continue learning and innovating at the collective level, which ensures continuity and sustainability in our business’s performance. By doing so, Pharmanaas is guaranteed to reach the best financial and operational performance while achieving stability for our employees and customers.

Ahmed A.E. Abdelraouf
Chief Executive Officer

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